Workplace Hygiene Testing

North Property Advisors can provide Real Time ATP Swab Testing to measure hygiene levels in Corporate Settings. 

We’ve developed a unique technology to help you comply with stricter cleaning and safety policies. Now that the UK is resuming work and travel, it’s vital that organisations avoid liability for failing to act responsibly. Monitoring cleanliness can only be achieved through regular and consistent auditing.

What is APT testing?

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is found in all organic matter – dead or alive. The ATP test is  a process of rapidly measuring microorganisims through detection of ATP on a surface.

ATP testing is the only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurement, in real time. Our monitoring technology provides an accurate, consistent and reliable audit system. The tests can be carried out on specific touch-points and other areas throughout the premises.

Every audit is undertaken by one of our trained professionals, using 15-50 swabs depending on the size of the premises. Each swab and digital analysis takes under 1 minute.

The Process

Our auditors can arrive unannounced to test random areas within a workplace setting. Testing will then commence and typically takes up to 60 minutes depending on the size of the premises.

Using our cutting edge technology, digital results from each swab are available in less than 60 seconds. North Property Advisors can then alert your team to test fail points. All results will be uploaded to your online dashboard within 12 hours for comprehensive analysis and comparison.

The Benefits

  1. Accurate measurement of cleaning efficiency
  2. Practicable against COVID-19
  3. Identify risks and potential bacterial hotspots in real time
  4. Impartial, science-based results
  5. Act responsibly, meet legal obligations and protect clients and employees
  6. Ensure efficient cleaning regime and monitor service levels


Set up fee (minimum 4‐month term) ‐ N/A (waived)

Set up fee (no minimum term, per location) ‐ £150.00

Audit fee (if 1 visit per month, per location) ‐ £95.50

Audit fee (if 2 visits per month, per location) ‐ £85.00

Audit fee (if 1 visit per week, per location) ‐ £75.50

*Fee per swab ‐ £4.00

*Number of swabs dependent on size of premises. Number will be agreed with client management in advance. Minimum number will be 15 (for small premises) and maximum will be 50 (for large premises). North Property control team member will decide which areas within the premises are to be tested during each audit.

Terms of Service

  1. Minimum frequency of visit per location is 1 per month. At present, only available in the United Kingdom.
  1. If an area/room chosen by North Property’s control team is refused access during the audit and is deemed fair and appropriate to test, that area will be failed automatically.
  1. Online portal access for group level, area level and location level users. Secure 24 hour access. Reports and data downloadable in PDF and CSV format. Dynamic reports also emailed directly to authorised recipients.
  1. Group performance overviews are generated and available in real time and made available on the portal.
  1. North Property guarantees no fee increases for at least 1 year from starting month.
  1. Invoices are issued on the first week of the following month – payment terms are 14 days.
  1. After the agreed minimum term expires – one month’s notice to cancel service for any reason, no cancellation fee.
  1. North Property’s control team members will always dress in a way to blend in and not scare i.e. polo short, mask, gloves appear as ‘standard’ maintenance or housekeeping team, not suggesting an outbreak has occurred.
  1. North Property’s control team members have all received in‐depth training direct from the manufacturer on the professional ATP testing systems and processes employed.

North Property Advisors are proud to be Regulated by RICS and have been providing professional property services to companies since 2017. We operate throughout the UK, with offices in London and Glasgow. For any confidential questions and/or to begin setting up your ATP Testing programme, please get in touch.

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