Measuring your customer journey

Our bespoke ‘INSIGHTS’ tool provides residential and commercial property investors with an invaluable quarterly report to assess their customer on-boarding procedures.

We’ve developed a unique template, designed specifically for real estate, to measure key customer touch-points like marketing channels, the viewing experience and prospect engagement. Our team are conducting mystery shopper visits for some the UK’s largest house builders and commercial property owners, to help gather insights on their agents and sale / letting processes.

We can also provide you with an analysis of your peers using competitor surveys, allowing us to feedback on marketing incentives and any new services which are being offered.

Measuring performance

We assess the entire customer journey from initial enquiry through to conversion. Our reports are designed to be clear and concise with the use of info-graphics and key performance indicators. We can continually measure performance over a set period, to inform and influence decision making and illustrate how strategic changes are impacting conversion rates.

Our reports highlight and monitor potential flash-points to identify key issues and areas of concern.  We have developed a tried and tested model for analysing performance across the following customer touch points:

Online marketing channels

Assessing your presence online through accuracy, brand consistency, platform rankings and the quality / accuracy of your marketing literature.

Enquiry process

Measuring customer response times via live chat, email or direct calls. We assess the information flow, lead management and prospect engagement.

Customer viewing experience

We assess the arrival experience, knowledge and engagement of on-site staff, presentation, and procedures for ensuring a safe visit.

Post viewing

Assessing follow-up procedures, response times, prospect engagement, information gaps and feedback.


We examine sale procedures, quality of information, willingness to convert and the presentation of offers / incentives.

Focus questions

We have created sector specific key questions to assess the performance of your staff, their product knowledge and customer engagement. Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one-dimensional information and you can use our reporting platform to help you with training, development and motivation of your employees.

Bespoke reporting tools

We also undertake a wide range of bespoke client assignments designed to help improve your customer retention levels. We can carry out independent surveys of your occupiers, providing valuable feedback to influence your asset management strategy.

If you have a project in mind feel free to contact us for a confidential discussion. We would be happy to share some of our case studies and reporting tools.   

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