Ayrshire Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Picker for Hire in Ayrshire

12m high (max), Trailer mounted, Road towable, Nifty 120T Cherry Picker for hire across Ayrshire and beyond.

A Cherry Picker (more correctly known as a MEWP, or mobile elevated working platform) has the distinct advantage when compared with conventional equipment such as ladders and towers, of being more manoeuvrable without needing more manpower and much safer.

This Nifty 120T model can be safely operated by one person and can be towed to site behind either a conventional car, a 4×4 or a small van fitted with a standard 50mm tow ball.  For access inside a building or to the rear, it only requires an opening of 1.1m (3ft 7ins) wide x 1.9m (6ft 3ins) high.

Further enhancements of this machine include:

  • Fully braked, single axle trailer for safety and easy movement on-site
  • Hydraulic Stabiliser Arms for quick and easy setup and removal
  • Extending upper boom for extra reach – maximum 12m height and 4m to 6m outreach.
Some typical jobs that can be carried out with the machine…..

Building and Property Maintenance

Painting, window repairs etc.

Gutter Repairs

Repairs to guttering, painting, cleaning and installation

Painting and Decorating

General DIY maintenance around the house

Lighting and Electrical

Installation and repair of high-level lighting and electrical installations


Installation and repair of CCTV cameras and lighting

Tree Work

Pruning and cutting of trees up to 40ft/12m


Using this machine you can reach max of 12m/40ft high and 4m/13ft sideways.  The basket is large enough for 2 x people and tools (max 200kg/440lbs).

Our machine is all-electric (powered by batteries) so is quiet in use and safe to use inside a building.  The batteries run the machine for typically 2-days before needing a re-charge from the built-in mains charger.

1-day hire from £250.00

Weekend hire from £350.00

Weekly hire from £650.00

Delivery out with Ayrshire can be quoted for separately. Prices exclude VAT and £75 refundable deposit. We can also supply a fully-trained Operator if required (extra cost). Contact us for further details.

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